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Trail Cam Roundup #4 – Mystery Visitor


Caught this little guy just as he left the frame. Based on the color near his neck in the first frame of the video I’m guessing maybe a grey fox?

Trail Cam Roundup #3 – Another fox or another leg?


The first and last pictures in this set are of a fox, or (more likely, I think) a pair of foxes. It looks to me like the first is larger and has all of its limbs. The last appears to be our returning friend, once again seemingly sans left-front leg. Rounding out the group we have a tom turkey and a raccoon. The trip after next I hope to give the video capture setting on the trail cam a whirl — maybe we can glean more from seeing these guys in motion. More…

Trail Cam Roundup #2 – Three Legged Fox


In this batch we have the return of what I am now assuming is a three-legged fox; otherwise, he must have a precise cadence to his step such that he always triggers the camera at the same spot while his front left foot is held at the same angle.

A raccoon checks out a tree, a deer checks out the camera, and a house cat rounds out the bunch. I can’t imagine anyone on adjoining properties lets their cat out at night, what with the fox and coyotes and (presumably) bear, so this guy must make the ridge his permanent home.


Trail Cam Roundup #1 – Is this anything?


I thought it might be interesting as a jumping off point to begin by posting some photos captured by my trail cam around the cabin. If I can’t think of anything to say, perhaps some furry creatures can get the conversation rolling for me.